The journey to find a magic carpet

Carpets have magic powers. In addition to breathing in the warmth and comfort in any room (even in modern and minimalist houses), it can even soften the most sterile environment. They also have the function of combining the room and the color scheme to create an effortless flow in your home. Inject color into an otherwise dull room, help tones in a messy space, can divide large spaces into comfortable areas in the attic and open-plan living rooms. They can even make the room feel smaller or more spacious-depending on the size and placement.

Rugs and Carpet, how to choose?

Some people mistakenly believe that carpet and rug are interchangeable. Although both are soft and comfortable flooring options and are definitely a good way to keep your home comfortable, there are some important differences between the two.

Rugs are a large part of floor coverings, are usually made of woven materials and do not extend across the entire floor space. It is not fixed to the floor. On the other hand, carpet refers to a wall-to-wall floor covering made of thick woven fabric that extends over the entire floor space and is fixed to the floor by glue or fixing straps.

So here are some tips to choose the perfect one for your home

1. The material is very important

Different materials are appropriate for different areas in the home and variants such as the amount of time you have for maintenance, and whether you have children or pets, are all things to be considered.

Some typical materials you can find are acrylic which is hard wearing and easy to clean. Acrylic can be tufted and woven to replicate wool. It is usually a cheaper alternative to wool with the benefit of less shedding (fluff) and easier maintenance. Wool is extremely soft underfoot and is a very durable natural fibre which is easy to clean and also heat resistant making it the most preferred rug fibre for near fireplaces. Look for wool coming from high altitude areas as this can make the fibres even more durable.

2. Design trends

Plain-coloured and striped carpets are perennial favourites but the latest designs offer a new take on patterned floors. As well as plaids in new colourways and quirky retro designs in gentle pastels, look out for romantic, large-scale motifs, neat geometrics and craft-inspired patterns.

3. The color

Color is often the hardest decision for customers. It can be tough to visualize the color in a large space, judging from a tiny swatch. A color change can have a dramatic effect, and sometimes even though a change is desired, it can be a bit scary. There is a reason why neutral colors are the biggest sellers in carpeting. Carpet has a big impact in a room, and bright colors in a large expanse can be overpowering. Also, replacing the carpet is expensive. Unless you have the resources (and patience) to replace your carpet every few years as trends change, you are best to keep the color on the floor neutral. Use the brighter or bolder colors in other, less expensive elements of the room: paint on the walls (much easier and less costly to change than the carpeting), cushions on the sofa, bedding, and smaller accent pieces such as lamps and framed art.

4. The size

Choose a size that either completely covers the walkway or leaves the floor exposed where people need to pass by. Then decide how far beyond the furniture the rug should extend. A common way to size a rug is to ensure that it reaches underneath all four feet of all the furniture.

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