How to choose the perfect painting for your home

Wall art draws the eye, pulls together your space and makes your home more inviting. Although it might seem like a tough task, sourcing, purchasing and installing art pieces you love is entirely worth it. Not only does wall art add personality to your space, but it gives any room an instant upgrade and ties everything together.

While there are no set rules for adorning a home, following these basic instructions will help you select the perfect wall art pieces for your home, in all of its uniqueness. Go by size, style, colour, theme, inspiration, or floor plan – the options are limitless.

Here's one piece of advice that you should think about – find something you love. It's that simple! Art should evoke a reaction (hopefully a positive one!) so ensure whatever you choose brings about feelings of happiness, excitement, calm or joy. While it's common to compromise when selecting art – perhaps finding the perfect piece has proven difficult, or it's easier just to grab the first painting that reflects the colours of the room in question – you shouldn't have to settle. Think of your walls as an extension of your taste, and treat the selection process the same way you would choosing a sofa, new dining table or bed. Wall art has the power to transform a space, so find the piece that does just that in your home.


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One thing to really keep in mind when selecting wall art is the size of both the piece itself and the empty wall or space you've got available. It's just waiting for a beautiful photo or painting, but not if the sizes are wrong and totally throw off the balance of the room.

Go into your search with a size in mind – this will let you filter through options easily. It’s also important that you consider placement before you buy, as that will have a bearing on the size you’re looking for.

Keep it in proportion – pictures shouldn’t be more than two-thirds longer than your sofa.

Height matters – keep wall art 15 centimetres, at minimum, above the edge of your furniture. Also consider the height of your ceiling and the proportions of the room when placing your art.

Selecting paintings by style

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Your home likely has an established style and point of view already, so when selecting wall art, you’ll want to weigh this up and determine how your new purchase will fit into your space.

Whether it’s modern, abstract, traditional chic or simplistic Scandi, the wall art you select can cement and refine your home’s style, so choose wisely! From abstract prints to calming nature photography or minimalist, neutral paintings, there’s something for everyone if you know where (and how) to look.

When in doubt, framing is your best friend. If you’ve chosen a piece and it feels slightly off, maybe reframing it could change your perspective. After all, a sleek, silver frame won’t suit a Scandi home – swap it out for a softer, light wood option to create harmony in the space.

Choosing by color

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Another commonly-used tactic for selecting wall art is to find pieces that tie in with your home’s existing colour schemes. Although we’re not saying that minimalist, neutral design lovers have to reflect those exact vibes back in each art piece they purchase, it’s a good jumping-off point for finding something you love and that will fit perfectly into a space.

For instance, if your home is mainly neutrals with some darker terracotta colours, hone in on this and play with it in its varying forms – bright, dark, light, and so on.

Select a colour or two that are already present in the room and let this guide the art you go with. This creates consistency and, in turn, a cohesive, sophisticated and contemporary result.

Don’t forget to introduce a new colour into the room through multiple items. If you’re excited to add a bold new shade to your room, it’s important that the colour feels ‘grounded’ in the space with an additional two or three items in that hue. Repeating colours creates an impact and a theme that’s impossible to fault.

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