“The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Carpets For Your Home!”

Choosing Between Rugs and Carpets

What is the difference between a rug and a carpet? They are both essentially the same, the only real difference being the size; rugs are smaller. Traditionally, a carpet was considered to be a floor covering that was fixed and installed wall-to-wall, but today’s carpets are not always fixed and can be rolled up much like a rug. They are, however, bigger than rugs, which usually have a side of less than 6 feet in length.


In colder climates, rugs are sometimes used on top of a wall-to-wall carpet for added warmth.

Choosing the Carpet Size:

A carpet or rug should not be too small, or it will get lost in your room. Neither should it be so large that it overwhelms the space in the room.

Ideally, the carpet should be of a size that defines the area where it is used.


For instance, if it’s being used in the seating area, you should be able to place your furniture on the borders of the carpet in such a way that at least the two front legs are below the carpet.

If you have two seating areas in the living or family room, you can use multiple rugs to separate and segregate the space.

If the carpet is being used below the dining table, it should be large enough to cover the space when the chairs are pulled out. A 2 feet perimeter around the footprint of the table should work.

In the bedroom, at least half the rug should go below the bed. In a smaller bedroom, even a long runner at the foot of the bed will do.


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