The dreamy and puffy couches for 2021

When it comes to decorating your living room, the most important and crucial component is the main sofa. I’m not just talking about a comfortable sitting area for your friends and family during hangouts, but a statement pieces in your home that feels futuristic and beautiful. If you are into a muted color scheme and minimal feeling, these puffy white or earth tones couches are a must-have. The designs take inspirations from the 1960s, with soft fabric material and round edges to soften the look of your living room.

The first option is this puffy sofa with pleated part that makes it looks exactly like a cloud. The muted beige tone will go with any style of interior design you wanted in the living room, without looking out of place.

(BROWN couch, available in multiple colors)

How Do I Style a Cloud Sofa?

The beauty of a cloud sofa is that you can totally skip additional pillows because they already come with the perfect pillows built in. Add a throw and you’re good to go! If you’re paring it with a coffee table, we’d suggest picking something that isn’t too tall. This helps to keep the sofa the center of attention as a taller coffee table could throw off the proportions of the room.

(RITZ couch, available in white and brown)

While the cloud sofa can most commonly be found in white and cream tones, moodier colors like black, navy, and charcoal are making their way onto the market!

The dimensions you choose for your sofa will not only play a factor in the style but also the level of comfort it will offer. One with a higher seat / back height and shallow seat depth tend to lean on the more traditional side. Making them a better fit for a formal setting. On the flip side. A really low to the ground, deep-seated sofa will feel more relaxed, casual, and looking like it’s straight out of the 60s/70s era. In the middle of those two lies the more modern, contemporary style and is one most of us are on the search for… sophisticated yet cozy.

(PUFF couch)

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