“How to achieve a minimalist living room with the right furniture?”

Minimalist decor style takes its inspiration from art and architecture. The founders of minimalism were artists – their movement, De Stijl, had simplicity at its core. And the term was later made popular in the 1960s, being used to describe a prominent sculptural style. Now, it refers to one of design’s most popular interior choices – characterised by functional, open-plan spaces. Minimalist homes are pared-back, from their colour palette to the type and volume of furniture used in the space. And even the shapes seen in minimalist homes head back-to-basics: the clean lines of squares, rectangles and geometric patterns are favoured over fancier florals and flowing forms. Minimalist decor is used to create a calming, quiet environment – and this harmony comes courtesy of boundaryless rooms that flow into each other. These open spaces are kept free from clutter – in minimalism, less is definitely more. If you’re looking to create your own zen, minimalist home, the living room’s an easy place to start. And our best tips on how to create a minimalist living room are below, to help you get started.


Minimalist living room chair ideas:

If you’re choosing a minimal living room chair, get your minimal decor inspiration from the look’s structured approach. Think basic shapes like squares and rectangles, and go for styles that follow the format. If you’re looking to add colour to your otherwise muted space, go for an accent chair in one block colour. When it comes to filling your living room: less is more. Pick one investment accent chair instead of a few smaller ones – you’ll get a chair that makes a bigger style statement, and it’ll give your other furniture more room to breathe.


Minimalist living room table ideas:

When it comes to tables – like coffee tables or side tables – take minimalist decor inspiration from the functional origins of this interior style, and consider concrete and marble pieces. Choosing working materials will add to your living room’s minimal look – they’re functional forms. And they come in minimal monochrome shades, round, white marble table. If you’re planning to create a reading corner, or just need subtle extra seating, choose a clean-lined, slim dining chair, placed next to a simple black marble side table.


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