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5 ways to decorate your home with sculptures

There was a time when sculptures were considered ideal for museums and rich and elite art lovers. Sculptures were mostly found in the drawing rooms of wealthy art collectors who had the required finances to fund their love and passion for art. However, times have changed, with sculptures now finding way to the home interiors of even a common man. The beautiful art pieces are now seen enhancing the beauty of home interiors of several commoners irrespective of their financial status.

But, choosing the right sculptures, for boosting the overall appearance and beauty of the home and room interiors is a task which is easier said than done. The process of selecting and installing the right sculptures for home decor should be done with proper care and research. Choosing the wrong sculptures for home interiors can only lead to spoiling things for you.

The following article will help in guiding art lovers on what factors they need to consider while setting out to buy these beautiful art pieces. As compared to wall paintings or centerpieces, sculptures are ideal options, when it comes to adding a touch of style and elegance to any room interiors. For the novices, getting help from any professional interior designer will help them select the right sculptures for placing the pieces of art in their house.

1) Prior to buying and installing sculptures in homes owners should be well informed about their taste and preferences. This will help them find the right tone in the art piece. Since the owners would be seeing the same sculptures day in and out, it is essential that the piece of art must be interesting and help the owners in setting their mood right and lifted.

2) Also, it is vital for the sculptures to be in sync with the other furniture and furnishings of the room interiors, sans which, results can be bit disappointing. While, modern and contemporary homes can opt for simple and minimalistic sculptures, traditional homes can look appealing and attractive with stylish and prominent looking sculptures.

3) Next step for you is, deciding on the right place in the room to install the sculptures. Placement of the sculptures will hugely depend on the space availability and designing of the room. While, most people prefer installing sculptures in large living room, sculptures can also add appeal to bedrooms or dining areas too. Sculptures, when installed in living rooms, should be warm and welcoming in nature. Also, one should choose sculptures which complement their individual style and personality.

4) The color tone of the sculptures should be aptly selected either light colored or dark colored ones. Retaining the original paint or color of the sculptures can go a long way in adding a different texture which can gel well with the room décor.

5) Finally, mixture of modern and classic sculptures can add a touch of twist to the room interiors, boosting its beauty a notch higher. One can start with small figures or statement pieces, for reasons that, not every sculpture needs to be tall and wide enough for standing out.

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