“3D design of your minimalist room”

Apartment design in the style of minimalism:

The minimalist style in apartment design is about a streamlined shape and a large space while remaining cozy and attractive. Think about what furniture can be removed from the apartment without sacrificing comfort. Choose a few items of simple, concise form. Keep only functional items on the table and surfaces. If you correctly select all the decor details, you get a room where there is plenty of space, light, and air.


Finishing with textured plaster, wide glossy tiles, paint or wallpapering is allowed. The walls can also be made of glass, concrete or natural stone with a relief. You can decorate your walls with paintings, for example, as on a 3D model “GREL” wall art.



The laconism of such interiors in the best way can be expressed with the flooring without a pattern in natural colors. There are several flooring options: laminate, polymer coating, parquet, plain carpet, self-leveling floor and ceramic granite tiles. Different rooms allow different flooring. The bedroom or living room will look comfortable with a long “RADA” carpet.



If you're looking for some simple yet stylish furniture pieces to deck out your home with, then these minimalist “GIN” sofa and “ZUBY” chairs designs will certainly give your home that modern and visually stunning appearance.


When choosing a couch for your home we often look for comfort and practicality, but nowadays interior design fanatics are looking for furnishings that match their eclectic taste rather than structural suitability. These minimalist designs offer home owners the ability to decorate their interior spaces with architecturally inspired seating options rather than just a bland piece of furniture. From sofas that are geometric in form to those that appear to be floating mid air, these minimalist designs are a inventive way to turn your ordinary seating into pieces of artwork.

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